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Proctoring Services

The Cabot Public Library provides exam proctoring by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment please call

1-855-572-6657 Extension 01.  


Proctoring Guidelines

Appointments for proctoring need to be made 2 days in advance.

All proctors are professional librarians that may or may not have a college degree.

Proctors will not sign a proctoring statement attesting to more then they are able to provide.

Online tests are taken on a public access computer

The library will meet institutional requirements within the following limits:

We do not provide private in-room supervision.  Proctors remain at the Circulation Desk with line of sight to computers and testing rooms.  All students are under video survellance.

The library will not install specialized software on computers for proctoring.  

The library and/or staff are not responsible for completed tests after they are mailed back to the institution.


Student Responsibilities

Students must show photo ID before beginning a test..

Verify with your school that The Cabot Public Library is an approved testing sight.

Schedule your exam 2 days in advance.

Inform the proctor of any schedule changes or cancellations as soon as possible

Contact the library to verify that your exam has been received before your scheduled test day/time.  The library receives most tests 1 day before your scheduled exam day.

If the exam is to be mailed a fee of $10 will be charged to the student.  This may be paid the day of your scheduled test day prior to taking your test.

It is up to the student to inform their institution of the day and time scheduled for the exam.

Students do not need to bring anything with them on testing day.  The library provides pen, pencil, scratch paper (if approved by institution), calculator (Only is approved by institution), and any other approved test materials.  Students may not have any personal items with them while taking a test.

Once the test is started, the student may not leave the testing room or computer.





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